Leveraging Legal Industry Associations

When developing your client communication plans and office expense budgets, you should direct some portion of your effort and spend to training your employees and keeping them in touch with industry trends.

Successful businesses emphasize training and development of their employees, and the return on their investment is evidenced in improved employee performance and retention, organizational competitiveness, and revenue growth.

Industry associations provide some of the best avenues for training and development of employees, and are especially valuable as conduits to information and trends in specific industries. In the legal market, there are three associations that you should consider involving your employees in….

Association of Legal Administrators (ALA)
According to its website, the ALA’s mission is to:
• Promote and enhance the competence and professionalism of all members of the legal management team;
• Improve the quality of management in law firms and other legal service organizations; and
• Represent professional legal management and managers to the legal community and to the community at large.

Managing the business affairs of law firm requires special expertise. Among other things, the professional administrator must deal with fast-paced technological changes, management trends that contradict age-old practices, and fundamental changes in the way the practice of law is structured and conducted. ALA develops programs and products that provide high-quality, competency-based education to help administrators keep up with and deal with these challenges.

ALA caters specifically to full-time legal administrators and support managers, as well as practicing lawyers with management responsibilities employed by private law firms or other organizations engaged in the practice of law. The ALA is a national association, with over 70 regional chapters, making it is easily accessible to most in the legal profession.

ASL has been a proud sponsor of ALA since its inception in 1971. Today, we host an annual reception in honor of the incoming National President at the National ALA Annual Meeting and we support several chapters throughout the U.S.

Legal Marketing Association (LMA)
LMA is known as The Authority for Legal Marketing®. For 25 years, LMA has served the needs and maintained the professional standards of those involved in marketing, business development, client service and communications within the legal profession. LMA also serves as a resource for practicing attorneys and law firm leaders looking to develop their practices and gain competitive advantage.

According to the LMA website, one of the principal goals of LMA is to provide to its members vital and timely information and education on a wide variety of issues so that they may grow professionally as well as personally. At its core, LMA provides a forum for those working in marketing, business development, communications and client service in the legal profession to share and exchange ideas.

LMA has 18 regional chapters with over 3,000 members..

ASL is a proud sponsor and member of both National LMA and several regional chapters throughout the U.S. Many of our employees are members, and several hold board positions at the national and local level.

ARMA International (ARMA)
ARMA is the authority on managing records and information – both paper and electronic. It offers specific programs and information associated with legal records management.

ARMA, which is a not-for-profit association, was established in 1955, and has approximately 11,000 members today in 120 regional chapters throughout the U,S, and worldwide.

ASL maintains memberships in ARMA and its regional chapters and regularly attends education seminars to remain at the forefront of records management.

Additional Information
The best sources of information about these associations are their websites (listed above), but you can also contact your account manager at 800.222.0510. You might even get a first-hand account of just how valuable these associations can be!

Build a Successful MLM Business by Helping Others With Legal Needs

Government cuts can be another man’s treasure

The Legal Service Corporation (LSC), a nonprofit corporation that is funded by the U.S. Congress, provides legal access to justice for people at or below 125 percent of the federal poverty line. Established in 1974, it distributes its funds as grants to 136 legal aid programs that provide the legal services. Due to recent budget cuts, the LSC’s budget is being cut by about $75 million. This will be disastrous for people who may face fraudulent foreclosures and other legal problems because they will not be able to get legal assistance.

Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. is one way this problem can be alleviated. For a very low monthly payment, anyone who does not have the wealth to keep a lawyer on a retainer, or someone who has been denied legal aid for any reason can have a top lawyer ready to help them in any legal situation. The lawyer will also be available to help with questions and consultations. Whatever the issue, a Pre-Paid Legal Member has the option to consult a lawyer. For thirty years, Pre-Paid Legal has been helping millions of families in North America with their legal problems.

Some of the possible benefits of Pre-Paid Legal Services are:

-Access to a legal database of documents and forms

-Preparation of a simple will or property deed for free

-Because of a large network of attorneys, discounts on legal services

Some of the ways a Pre-Paid Legal plan will help is:

-Reviewing contracts by an attorney -Returning faulty products to stores -Collecting child support -Dealing with landlords or renters -Filing for a patent -Tax audit representation -Identity theft legal help -Traffic court lawyer

Easy as 123…

The way it works is simple. There is a toll-free number on the Pre-Paid Legal Services membership card of a legal service provider. Call the number when you have a question or need legal help and explain your problem. You will get a return call from a lawyer who is knowledgeable in the particular field needed.

Many people who need it do not realize that help is available. This is an excellent time for anyone looking for a direct home sales business to help those less fortunate and also make an income. There are not only plans for individuals, but for employee groups and small business owners. This is an inexpensive way for a small or large business to have its own legal department.

Many legal needs, but few workers

In Europe, pre-paid legal plans are commonplace, and in North America Pre-Paid Legal serves over a million families, but that is only two percent of the available market. This is why this is the best home business to start at this time. There are three basic ways to earn income.

The first is by direct income-when you tell people about Pre-Paid Legal and they buy a plan, you get a direct commission. There are many ways to market a product online if you want to find a wide clientèle. Your direct sales home based business can become the best MLM business (multi-level marketing). There are websites that will tell you how to get your business a high rating for any Google search. There is email marketing, follow-up and advertising to make your product known. In this case, you want to inform the public about how they can get top legal coverage at minimum prices. And you want them to buy it from you.

The second is by leveraging your effort-this means you gain by good teamwork. Find good salespeople and create your own team. The team members can either work with you on your online business finding and converting clients, or they can work for direct sales themselves. As long as you work as a team, you will get a commission on each team member’s sales.

The third is through residual compensation-for the duration of a valid Pre-Paid Legal plan for your direct clients or your team’s clients you will continue to receive payments. This is why it is the best MLM business today.

To start your direct sales home based business you will need to invest $249. You will receive top professional training about the product, so you know best how to market it. You will get support in your home office as well as in the field when you need to meet people personally and discuss the many possible plans. You will also receive all the materials you need to make your home business a success. Someone who understands the opportunity will see that this is the best home business to start at this time and find the financial investment minimal.

Starting a home based business that will help people get the legal aid they need is very satisfying as well as remunerative. You will help them find the right plan for their lifestyle and situation. Victims who need such help are veterans and disabled people to get benefits, people suffering from domestic violence, families faced with unlawful foreclosures and evictions, and to protect people from consumer fraud. Becoming a home based agent for Pre-Paid Legal is a win/win situation.

How Can You Use Legal Training to Cut Your Recruitment Costs?

In the legal sector this can be even more frustrating due to the high starting salaries and high percentage fees charged by recruitment companies. With fees starting in the region of 20%, even for a junior solicitor a recruitment fee of £6,000 is not unusual, and often during boom times the percentage can increase towards 50% as the recruitment companies ‘cash in’ while they can.

However investing in your team through effective legal training can substantially reduce your recruitment costs. There are several major reasons for this:

* By showing a commitment to invest in your team you build loyalty.

* If you choose the right legal training providers your employee’s skills will improve making them more efficient at their job.

* Better trained staff are more motivated in their roles.

* If you create a one, three or five year training plan for each member of your team you are investing long-term for their benefit (and ultimately yours).

* Better trained and more efficient staff make for more satisfied clients.

* If your training plan is focused on a ‘team’ the whole team will improve and help each other in their areas of strength.

Let’s look at each of these items in turn to see how they help to improve employee loyalty.

Committing To Invest.

Every member of staff likes to feel that they are valued. If you pick up any management book one of the recurring themes will always be the need to “Praise Your Team”. Whilst praise is an essential part of your management skills it does not cost anything except time. When you agree to fund a course for your team members you have to invest financially as well as with your time. This extra commitment, if explained correctly to your staff, shows that you really do value their contribution to the team.

Improving Skills.

If you choose the right legal training provider your staff will receive training that immediately makes them better at their job. This leads to improved satisfaction for your team member. A happier team member is less likely to leave their job.

Motivated Staff Through A Training Plan.

If you take the time to put in place a long term training plan with each team member you are showing a commitment to them for years to come. This commitment to train them over the course of the next few years shows a real desire on your part for them to be an integral part of your business. How will you be rewarded for this commitment? With a more motivated and committee team member who is much more likely to stay with your firm.

More Satisfied Clients.

If your staff are more confident in their abilities and better trained they will be able to complete their cases as quickly as possible. Less mistakes will be made and a much better service will be received by your clients. In an increasingly competitive market, having satisfied clients spreading the word about your excellent service is a huge benefit to your law firm.

Better Teams.

If your teams each receive training in different areas or aspects of law they will become experts in that area. If each of your team members has a different expertise they will become an excellent resource for each other, improving your team’s efficiency as a whole.


If you invest in your team correctly, the cost of any training will be returned many times over through improved efficiency, improved client satisfaction and most importantly in reduced recruitment costs.

Prepaid Legal Plans: Is It Good For You?

With our world becoming increasingly dangerous, it only makes sense to make prevention as a top priority. As health insurance becomes popular with employees, prepaid legal plans are making the transition from the office to the telephone.

What are prepaid legal plans? A prepaid legal plan is a type of arrangement where the person pays or an employer pays on behalf of his employees for legal services they may need in advance. Think of it as a medical benefit plan or any prepaid service. A consumer pays certain amount monthly or annually for specific legal services that can be used when and if needed.

Why the need for a prepaid legal service? Although it is expected for every citizen to know their rights, most of us only refer to them when we are in trouble. So unless you have a personal or family lawyer, a prepaid legal plan is your best defense against anything that has to do with the law.

Depending on your chosen prepaid legal plan, the legal services that are available to you may be limited. Any basic prepaid legal plan may include office consultations, legal advice and review and preparation of some legal documents such as a will or contract. More comprehensive prepaid legal services can cover trials, bankruptcy, settling marital disputes and the like.

Is it worth it to own a prepaid legal plan? Well, with America having dozens of legal cases filed on their courts everyday and people becoming more conscious of their legal right, it pays to be cautious. Prevention is better than the cure. When people understand their rights under the law, they can avoid turning minor problems from exploding out of proportions.

A lot of prepaid legal services have made it easier for plan owners to contact them through the telephone. This not only makes the lawyers accessible to the prepaid legal plan owners but it also makes them more at ease with asking legal advice.

A prepaid legal service clearly benefits its owner because it takes away the hassle of having to mistakenly choose a bad lawyer to an honest one. Often, the companies who offer prepaid legal plans screen their lawyers before hiring them, making sure that you get value for your investment.

There are two types of prepaid legal plan available to consumers. The first is the basic access plan for employees. This is where a member can easily access legal services through the telephone.

Although the package offers a limited number of services, the member can be assured of making better decisions with the proper legal consultation from a lawyer. Should a member from this plan need services beyond what is included in the package, they have to pay additional fees.

The second type is the comprehensive prepaid legal plan. Aside from the consultation services, a comprehensive plan has member can receive employer-funded benefits which includes negotiations with parties, preparing legal documents and representation in court. Some companies offer legal service coverage for families too.

We live in a world where the law has a firm hand in everything. Knowing that you have ability to get legal advice before doing anything consequential is a great way to avoid a lot of trouble on the courts. A prepaid legal plan may very well be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make for you and your family.